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  • UK Subs

    Warhead - Record Artwork & Design

    A few years after making the artwork of the previous UK Subs' single 666 Yeah, TEFBoy is once again proud to present another killer graphic project in cooperation with Jet13 Records for the latest UK Subs record release "Warhead".

    •  Label: Jet13 Records
    •  Project: CD Artwork & Design
    •  Feature: Cd Booklet 8 fold Panels
    •  Feature: Inlay Card + Disk Serigraphy
    •  Release Date: April 2008

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  • UK Subs

    666 Yeah - Album Artwork & Design

    The 1st work made with Jet13 Records, a psychobilly punk record label based in London for the 7" single "666 Yeah" from the UK Subs. Services provided: original graphic concept, album layout design, custom digital artwork and vector illustrations.

    •  Label: Jet13 Records (UK)
    •  Project: 7" Vinyl Record Artwork
    •  Feature: Front/Back Covers (4-Color)
    •  Feature: Record Centre Circle B&W
    •  Release Date: Sep 2006

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  • The Varukers

    Italian Tour 2009 Poster Design

    Punk rock poster artwork and flyers designed for The Varukers Italian Tour back in 2009. The tour was promoted by Ugly Bastards, Pieffe Factory, Gonna Puke and Agipunk. Work and formats provided: A2 poster design, A6 Flyer and Web Flyer designs.

    •  Promoter: Various Labels
    •  Project: Poster / Flyers Artwork
    •  Feature: A2 Poster Design (4-Color)
    •  Feature: A6 Flyer / Web Flyer
    •  Release Date: Sep 2009

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Tattoo Photo Gallery, Hellectric Tattoing Studio

Post #10: Tuesday, March 5th, 2013 by Sal Latest WorksPunk Web Desgin

Animated Tattoo Photo Gallery in Adobe Flash designed for the Hellectric Tattooing Studio Palermo. This cool photo gallery was displayed on their old Myspace page to showcase their brand new collection of handmade custom tattoo machines.


It is a cool custom photo gallery featuring a smooth vertical slider on the right hand side, displaying a preview of each picture. This tattoo photo gallery is ideal to display a series of tattoo works, tattoo machine collections or any kind of photo collection for where needed – i.e. on official website or blog, myspace page, facebook page…etc.)


Tattoo Photo Gallery, Featured Services:


  • Flash gallery Set Up
  • Custom Artwork
  • Photo Editing



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Tattoo Photo Gallery in flash designed for the hellectric tattooing studio to showcase
a brand new handmade custom tattoo machine setThe dlider works great to display a series of tattoo works, tattoo machine collections
or any kind of photo sets