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Posted: Saturday, March 7th, 2015 by Sal Latest WorksPunk Print Design

Punk band poster art and design released to promote the upcoming live show of the Petrol Girls at the Roham Bar in Budapest on the next April 7th, 2015. The Petrol Girls are a post-hardcore punk band from London and the gig is organized by “Rendszervàltàs Csapat” crew. The poster features a custom digital artwork, design and an original vector illustration. The concept, the style and technique of the artwork is a tribute openly inspired by the work of Raymond Pettibon. Print size is half width of a B2 poster.

punk-band-poster-petrol-girlsPunk Band Poster Specs

  • Band/Act: Petrol Girls (UK)
  • Gig Promoter: Rendszervàltàs Csapat
  • City/Country: Budapest
  • Venue: Roham Bar
  • Gig/Tour Date: April 7th 2015

Formats Supplied


  • Poster Print: Half Width B2  – 250 x 707 mm
  • Flyer Print: Non-standard Size, 70 x 205mm
  • Flyer Web: 250 x 707 pixels
  • Color Format: B&W
  • Release Date: April 2015


Punk Band Poster Info


Another fine graphic artwork designed to promote the Petrol Girls live show in Budapest. The concert is promoted by “Rendszervàltàs Csapat” which is a Budapest based crew born from the cooperation between Stefan Eno from “StopRecPlay Ltd”, Kinky Sal from “TEFBoy” and Sir Weirdo from “Pizzica”. Besides the standard promotional printed materials (Poster & Flyer) for street promotion, I supplied some additional stuff for the online gig promotion: web flyer, Facebook custom banner and Instagram custom picture.


Petrol Girls


Petrol Girls is a raging feminist post-hardcore punk band from south east London, UK. The band have a true genuine DIY approach on everything they do as well as a strong commitment to political and social issues, where sexism and assault are topics that Petrol Girls feel incredibly passionate about. Follow the link below to go to the event page with full details about the band and the upcoming gig:

Petrol Girls gig in Budapest April 7th, 2015 >


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